Paula Valdeón: Eliminar la tierra

17 April - 1 July 2022

In her series "Eliminating the earth" the artist continues her exploration of the decorative designs, patterns and colours of dwellings, in this case focusing on the indigenous villages of the San Cristobal de las Casas area in Mexico. The artist plays with shapes, colours and spaces of the places, including motifs from her mental map. Paintings and drawings based on the culture of these indigenous villages emerge, giving prominence to nature. The resulting pieces are a conciliation of opposites, where the coexistence of the two cultures serves the artist to create works in which a plastic synergy can be appreciated between three worlds, the Tzotzil, the colonial and that of the imagination, so that the pomposity of the baroque tiles allows the Tzotzil representation of the earth to be seen very much in the background.