Lola Guerrera: large-scale installations

1 - 8 June 2022

Talking about the universe and its vast complexity with a simple pile of dry leaves.

Lola Guerrera (Córdoba, 1982) understands art as a way of explaining and explaining to us the greatest things through the smallest. Lola is capable of dealing with themes of great philosophical or scientific depth, constructing subtle metaphors with everyday and familiar elements. There is, therefore, a certain solicitous attitude on the part of the artist who tries to make intelligible and beautiful that which, due to its magnitude, escapes our understanding.


As a good constructor of metaphors, Lola makes sign and meaning coincide in each work. The sign: dry leaves, seeds, plants, bushes, vases with flowers, branches... elements, in short, extracted from nature or located in the natural environment. The meaning: life cycles (life and death), the suspension of the planets in the universe, nebulae, the principle of entropy,... concepts that involve considerable complexity and come from the world of science. The key lies in the connection that Guerrera achieves between these two worlds, different and similar at the same time, as they are governed by the same physical laws. In this way, Lola manages to make the smallest and most fragile natural elements speak of universal immensity. She has to connect, therefore, two very different languages: botanical or phytological knowledge and the figures of the scientific world (prisms, photographs of telescopes, the armillary sphere,...).