The gallery

We understand contemporary art as a reflection, a diagnosis and an examination of the world, from the particular vision of the artist.


We are committed to works that move and challenge the viewer, whose contents are peculiar and unusual with respect to social dynamics and in line with the place and functions of art in the context of global culture.

A young space whose philosophy focuses on the commitment to contemporary Spanish art, with an impact on international art as well.  The gallery purposefully supports the female gaze which has traditionally been absent or overlooked.


Integrated in the context of an architectural studio and located in the natural and cosmopolitan environment of the city of Marbella, the gallery has three flexible and excellently equipped spaces in which painting, photography, sculpture, installation and multidisciplinary projects are exhibited, responding to the demands and requirements of the contemporary aesthetic paradigm. We feature both recognised and emerging artists in our gallery, with whom we have an inescapable commitment to support and follow up.


A contemporary art gallery in the city of Marbella, Spain.

Member of MUAC (Marbella Union of Art Galleries)