Javier Erre

Emerging artist whose work explores the construction of identity through remembrance and the identity through recollection and the survival of memory.

He belongs to a generation of painters who have incorporated post-photography, digital media and glitch, seeking new formulations for painting, digital media and glitch, searching for new formulations for figurative painting with a project figurative painting with a project character where not only the formal exploration but also the concept are the concept are decisive.

His images make up a sort of family album that takes us back to a near past, often that of the to the near past, often that of childhood. He works on the basis of images and documents found in family archives, on which he intervenes by reproducing the ways in which on which she intervenes by reproducing the modes of action of memory: erasing, isolating, repeating, interpreting, distorting... as an annotation which alters the original material, endowing alters the original material, giving it a new meaning. The resulting images of remarkable technical workmanship and strong dramatic charge, offer us a deep reading of the fragility and a profound reading on the fragility and strength of the individual, on the discomfort and the and the capacity for resilience that characterises our changing times. change.