Nanon Morsink: Lost souls make strong spirits

5 March - 21 May 2021

Wandering, lost, lonely figures that seek and find each other. Figures that represent all of us while at the same time they are no one. Souls that enclose their own history and at the same time share a narrative of searching, of dreams.

The Dutch artist Nanon Morsink calls herself a multidisciplinary artist as she has always worked with different materials and techniques. However, her latest works have focused on the use of textiles. Using various salvaged materials, the artist constructs three-dimensional works linked to textile art.

Paintings in which the artist develops the textile concept within the painting, women's faces camouflaged among colourful fabrics and embroideries. Socks made of wool and intervened with footwear that individualise different characters from very diverse fields defined by the artist.

The materials used reveal another facet of the artist, wools traditionally used by Dutch farmers are mixed with gentler fabrics and found plastics. Leather and bells from the shepherds of the Malaga mountains coexist with plastics and horns. This juxtaposition of materials from different origins reflects the feelings of a Dutch woman lost in a culture that she tries to absorb but which she finds alien, intriguing and friendly.


Nanon is of Dutch origin, since 2017 she has been working in Malaga, where she lives. She exhibits regularly in Spain, the Netherlands and other countries. In September 2019, her work was shown at the World Textile Biennial in Madrid where she won second prize for 'Textile Art Photography'. Recently her work has been exhibited in Chicago, Illinois.