Aixa portero: The song of the tree

19 September - 21 November 2019

"Born from a sustained fragility, from that thread-root whose warp is the poetry of an instant in which a song nests to life”

One of the most incisive and surprising voices of the current Spanish contemporary art scene.

Portero's work creates a poetic world in which different artistic techniques, installation, sculpture and painting are mixed using the same lyrical and subtle language, loaded with philosophical messages where dream and reality come together. All her pieces breathe a sustained fragility, skillfully combining iron, feathers, sketchbooks or branches ... Sculptures with an almost impossible balance, pieces that seem ethereal, but with a strong message of peace and union of the human being with the nature around us.

Aixa seeks our common roots, both internal and social, where humanity connects with philosophy, poetry and the nature that surrounds and traps us.