Angel Haro: La nuit mecanique | Curator: Emilio Navarro

24 September - 22 November 2021

A fascinating and multifaceted Ángel Haro has once again become lord and master of the gallery scene.

"La nuit mecanique", the latest exhibition project by the artist Angel Haro, in which he continues his singular trajectory as a builder of a volumetric imaginary that seduces us with its unsettling proximity to the telluric, to darkness, to light and shadow. Haro's great knowledge of plastic tools and the artist's powerful way of using them contribute to this.


These geometrical objects take shape in the exhibition, as he usually does, in different ways. Sometimes they manifest their imposing physical presence three-dimensionally amidst the nakedness of a room and make clear their intention to keep us (the viewers) at a certain distance. Some of their titles already tell us everything: "Frisian Horse". Others become playful and with the complicity of light and movement are capable of making us change the dumbfounded gesture for an accomplice smile and transport us to our longed-for childhood in the intimacy of four dark walls.

The two dimensions do not lose any sag in this visual tension produced by the bodies because painting is the mother of all emotions. That is how it is. The pencil and the brush continue to be for Ángel, beginning and end, something with which he begins and to which he always returns after a certain distance. This is how I imagine the course of his intense daily work days, as an exciting tug-of-war with materials, the omnipresent memories of a father, his powerful influence and the mechanical experiments of someone who has never stopped being a child.

A constant exercise that often eventually becomes, as in this case, a body of work of true visual lust.


Curated by Emilo Navarro