Javier de Juan

In the end it turns out that being alive was about moving
GalerĂ­a Isolina ArbulĂș, 2019

Pages: 40

Wood, mineral pigments, oil, plaster cast… Nature that can be touched, staining hands. Nature that smells, that is perfect in its imperfection. The pleasure and joy of painting. To understand the world througth what comes out of hand and sight, playing together with hazard and luck. Perfect moments frozen in time becoming memory as they are born.

Movement is life and evolution and progress. Movement is fight and beauty. Movement is the impulse driving this work. It is the reason to paint following the path, sometimes imperceptible, that comes from the imaginary that fills the culture from wich we come.

Artists in past times used war and mythology as an excuse to compose images in movement. Today we find the cult of body movement in the visual media that feeds our eyes daily. Let`s reread our present through the memory and wisdom of the pediments of the Parthenon of Athens, the Laocoon, the descent of Van Der Weyden, the paintings of battles of Ucello and Vasari in the Renaissance, of Leonardo himself or The Furies of Titian, Rembrandt and Rivera…

We follow to each other. Our greatness, if any, rises above that of those who preceded us.