The search for harmony, the meaning of life, and the beauty of nature.

Contemporary Ukrainian artist Anna Bondar is a young and emerging artist whose work will no doubt make a strong impact in the art world. Her powerful and evocative pieces explore the complexities of the human experience through her unique perspective. Her work is deeply personal, drawing on her own emotional, spiritual, and aesthetic experiences to create pieces that are both deeply moving and intellectually stimulating.


Born and raised in Ukraine, Bondar was forced to flee her home country in the wake of the Russian invasion in February 2022. She now lives and works in Marbella, Spain, where she continues to create powerful and thought-provoking art that reflects her ongoing search for harmony, the meaning of life, and the beauty of nature.


Anna's works are characterized by their striking visual impact and powerful emotional resonance. She primarily uses oil paint, often in very bright colors, to create bold and striking paintings that are both visually striking and rich in meaning.  Her paintings are often large in scale and bold in color, inviting the viewer to engage with the work on a visceral level.


Despite the upheaval and trauma of her recent past, Anna remains deeply committed to her art and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in art. Her work is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of art to transcend even the most difficult circumstances.


Through her powerful and evocative works, Bondar invites us to explore our own feelings, emotions, and experiences, and to consider the beauty and meaning of our own lives. Her work is a true inspiration, and we are fortunate to be able to witness her artistic journey unfold.

After finishing her degree in interior design from the Art Institute of Art Modeling and Design “Salvador Dali” (Kyiv, Ukraine) in 2014, she improved her skills under the mentorship of realist artist Vasyliy Borisenko.
Over time, Anna realized that realistic painting on canvas did not correspond to her ideas about contemporary art and started experimenting with genres, techniques and materials, but more importantly, to work deeper with meanings. This contributed to the emergence of a series of modern portraits and abstract landscapes.
Horses and equestrian sport occupy a significant place in Anna's life. As a professional rider, she travels to the countryside for everyday trainings, which allows her to observe these amazing creatures all year round and portray them in her works. Due to the war and moving to another country, Anna had to give up her favorite business and leave a big and bloody piece of her heart in her homeland. This separation strengthened the reflection on grief in her native country and this led to a new turn in art.Since 2018, Anna Bondar has been participating in regional and national exhibitions of contemporary art in Ukraine and USA. Since 2021 Anna Bondar is a member of the Union of Young Artists of Ukraine. Anna Bondars’ works are stored in private collections: Ukraine, Russia, England, Hungary, Ireland, and the USA.