Estampa - Madrid

Ifema, Pabellon 3. Madrid, 21 - 24 October 2021 
Booth: 3C10

We are witnessing a conceptual as well as physical evolution of the established ideas of what is considered art, formats disappear, works merge with their surroundings, the real field and the representational field become confused. In this proposal we focus on the blurred lines that separate sculpture from painting and photography, and on the role played by the use of colour as a guiding thread in a work of art. Colour as a constituent part of the pictorial process that allows us to communicate, express and transmit a message, regardless of the medium used.


The work we propose for Estampa is an exercise in colour. A vision of how colour forms part of a three-dimensionality that brings value and emotion to the work of artists who, from different disciplines, find in it a common thread.

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