Intuition and encounter are important tools in my work.


I rely on intuition and encounter in many aspects of my life and in particular, with my plastic and creative work, I am a kind of collector or gleaner, gathering and treasuring all sorts of found (in a fortuitous way) and chosen (in an intuitive way) materials with which I investigate in search of plastic expressions that evoke in me visual and emotional, poetic and metaphorical sensations.


She was born in Salamanca in 1964 and after spending time in Barcelona, Bilbao and Toledo, she settled in Madrid at the age of three, a city that welcomed her with affection.

She studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid, graduating with a degree in engraving. She also attended training and research courses at the La Recova Art Foundation in Tenerife, the Pilar Miró Foundation in Mallorca and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid.

In these 35 years of artistic activity Ana has worked with galleries in Madrid (Raquel Ponce, Astarté, Materna y Herencia, Garag Regium), Tarragona (ARTGN), Badajoz (Ángeles Baños) and Málaga (la Casa Amarilla) and now works with Isolina Arbulu Gallery in Marbella.

She has held a large number of solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally, his work has been exhibited in Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Switzerland, China and Japan.

Prizes and grants, of recognised prestige, have supported his artistic career (Casa Velázquez in Madrid, Spanish Academy in Rome, FONCA Grant for residency in Mexico, Grant of the Antiguo Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Madrid).

Ana's work has been present in national and international fairs such as Art-BASEL, ARCO, CIRCA, Art-Lisboa, Art Madrid, Valencia-art, FOROSUR, Flecha and ESTAMPA.

Numerous public and private collections have acquired her works, among them the Museum of Modern Art of Tarragona, the Engraving Collection of the National Library, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Madrid, the Collection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Madrid, the Art Collection of the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo or the Botí Foundation of Cordoba.


In addition to her work as a painter, sculptor and engraver, Ana is very interested in other artistic fields and has collaborated with actors, dancers and musicians in shows, plays and concerts such as those of Pedro Guerra and Luz Casal.

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