The more an event is remembered, the greater the difference between the memory and the original event.

Pablo Mercado is a renowned artist whose work focuses on the exploration of human memory and the brain processes involved in the creation and retrieval of memories. His artistic practice becomes a platform for connecting contemporary neuroscientific theories with the field of visual arts.

Intrigued by the complex workings of memory, Mercado has dedicated himself to investigating how memories are formed from fragments of information stored in different regions of the brain. He discovers that the hippocampus plays a crucial role in bringing these fragments together and constructing complete memories from different brain areas.

Through his artistic method, Mercado establishes an interesting connection between these neuroscientific theories and the visual arts. His artistic approach involves the use of objects that have an emotional connection to memory and human experience. He takes these objects apart and reconstructs them in a new, altered form, metaphorically reflecting the restructuring of memories in the brain.

Mercado's work focuses on human memory and how the brain processes it. He is particularly interested in fragmentation and recomposition, as well as the errors that occur in this reconstruction. He tries to mix science, psychology and visual arts in his recent work.

Pablo Mercado , born in Antequera in 1983, studied Fine Arts at the University of Seville and the Accademia di Belle Arti Pietro Vannucci di Perugia ( Italy ). He also completed his Master's Degree in Art, Creation and Research at the Complutense University of Madrid. Since then he has held numerous international exhibitions in Italy, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. Between 2013 and 2017 he was invited to carry out numerous projects in residencies for artists in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Holland and Spain. Since 2018 he has been living in Spain.

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