"Sportsman, Globetrotter and bon vivant"

Hubertus von Hohenlohe is an atypical artist, a man of action with a peculiar path that leads him to contemplate the world from a singular perspective. His travels come alive in his panoramic photographs; Berlin, Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Mexico City, Mumbai, New York and Tokyo are some of the places where he has captured his characteristic style of street photography. His images show the world today through his eyes. Pop colours, rich textures and ornamental details.


Hubertus von Hohenlohe began his career in 2001 with the help of art curator Irene Dapunt, who was intrigued by the artist's peculiar style.

His work explores the idea of integrating himself into the urban scenes that surround us playing the role of the paparazzi who blends in with the object. Like a modern Narcissus in love with his reflection, the artist captures his own image reflected in every corner of the different cities he visits, so that the observer becomes the observed in a visual game marked by light and colour.

Hubertus travels the world as an ambassador for the Leica brand, merging his image with that of characters and places that symbolise contemporary pop culture. In his portraits, the excessive fascination with fame and all that it symbolises is present.


I'm a street artist without a street

Graduated in philosophy and economics at the University of Gratz, Austria, his work as a photographer begins with shooting album covers for the international record companies BMG, EMI and Universal.
Multifaceted artist, he worked as a clothing designer for KAPA, designing sports equipment for the Mexican Olympic team for the Winter Olympics 2010, 2014, 2022.
For ten years he collaborated with the Red Bull brand, presenting a programme of art, lifestyle and music in a format he created himself. Since 2007, he has collaborated with the brand Leika, as a testimonial using a model created exclusively for him.
The Jaeger-Leouture watch brand created a personalised watch with an artwork by the artist, in close collaboration with Hubertus.
He collaborates with the Italian brand Mandarina Duck, designing an exclusive line of luggage.
In 2012, Hubertus collaborates with the Belvedere Museum in Vienna, where he creates the installation "The perfect tourist".

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