Javier Erre's pictorial work is dedicated to reflecting on memory, fundamentally individual, and its survival and influence on the present.

Pink is not a colour  presents the pictorial work of young Zamora-born artist Javier Erre (1981); The works are a reflection on memory, the artist's memories, and their survival and influence on the present. Twenty-one oil paintings on wood, linen and canvas in which the artist mixes his own memories with the collective memory.

The exhibition shows us, through a set of minimal everyday narratives, a sort of photographic album in which the artist fictionalises the story of a child who is revealed as the alter ego of the painter in an exercise of recalling, not without a certain nostalgia, his childhood. Through this central character, on whom he casts a look that is somewhere between tender and ironic, the artist presents us with a story about awakening to life, dislocation, conflict and self-acceptance.

His images, thoroughly executed and meticulously approached, propose a bridge between traditional painting and digital media, which he uses to update the codes of contemporary figuration. His work process generates a sophisticated artefact that is constructed from real photographic images, combining images from his childhood with found and rescued photographs that he appropriates in order to modify and intervene.  Once the memory has been created, as if it had existed, the artist superimposes the layers of remembrance through distortion, marking a characteristic feature of Erre's painting with a clearly semantic character.