The search for harmony, the meaning of life, and the beauty of nature.
Isolina Arbulu Gallery is pleased to present the work of Ukrainian artist Anna Bondar, a collection of medium and small oil paintings on canvas that explore themes of loss, connection and displacement. The works were created after Bondar fled her native country and settled in Marbella, Spain, and reflect her feelings of loss, as well as her search for connection to others and to the land. Each work is a reflection on the idea of interconnectedness, capturing the subtle yet powerful relationships that exist between humans and their natural environment.

Through the use of vibrant colours and a fluid brush, Bondar explores the concept of quantum entanglement, a phenomenon in quantum mechanics in which particles can correlate and affect each other's state, regardless of distance. This idea serves as a metaphor for the artist's search for connections and relationships in a new and unfamiliar place, and for her hope that the conflict in her country will be resolved.

Bondar's work presents a clear contradiction between the luminosity of the colours and the rawness of the message in which the artist's inner conflict can be seen. Her longing to give meaning to a truncated life, her incomprehension of the atrocities in her country and her recent motherhood far from home. Bondar seeks connection, meaning and links to a new life, without losing sight of her roots.

The result of this work, are highly personal paintings inspired by emotional, spiritual and aesthetic experiences, in which the artist creates pieces that are both deeply moving and emotionally challenging. Her work explores the complexities of the human experience. Through her gaze, the young artist engages us in her emotional experience, and invites us to reconsider the meaning of beauty in our lives.

Installation Views