Lola Guerrera

Frontiers of earth and light

Lola Guerrera (Córdoba 1982), in her project "La última frontera, la luz" the artist portrays a fragmented earth where light as a visual metaphor recreates the immensity of the constellations that emerge from the small and ephemeral fragile remains of nature, a search for the essential from a reflection on the ephemeral and the abstract. Two aerial sculptures of seeds and leaves in an impossible balance become suspended galaxies, metaphors that warn us of the transience of life. In the main room, through a large installation made up of tiny flowers and using light as a raw material, the artist creates a philosophical and mathematical universe in an introspective and abstract gaze. Five photographs by Guerrera close the exhibition, capturing the fleeting, the artist manages to suggest the sensation of isolation and fragility that haunts the human being.