Aixa Portero, is a Spanish artist born in Malaga (1975), trained in different national and international national and international artistic research centres (Granada, Brussels, Geneva, Rotterdam and San Diego), (Granada, Brussels, Geneva, Rotterdam and San Diego). She is also a member of the Institute for Peace and Conflicts of the
Conflicts of the University of Granada since 2003, all her work revolves around the Culture of Peace. Her work draws on philosophy, essays, narrative and poetry.
and poetry. In the exhibitions of his work he usually combines painting, sculpture, drawing, drawing and poetry, sculpture, drawing, photography, poetry, installation and new technologies. Her professional career began in 1998, and has had numerous solo and  group exhibitions, both at national and international level (Brussels
international level (Brussels, Geneva, Los Angeles, Rotterdam, Paris, San Diego, Havana, Minsk, Vilnius, San Diego, La Havana, Minsk, Vilnius, Bogota, ...) Aixa Portero imbues her work with autobiographical overtones, her work with autobiographical overtones, however, when it comes to approaching her proposals, she does so from the
simplicity in terms of the materialisation and visualisation of the different pieces.
different pieces.
(Bernardo Palomo, Art critic)