I focuse on people and on documenting everyday rituals that often go unnoticed. My choice of subjects is strongly influenced by my female experience and a conscious approach to everyday life.



With her photography Angélica seeks to capture the essence of the mundane, to make the ordinary seem unique and the unique seem familiar. Her strength is capturing people and places, making the everyday seem beautiful and exotic.


A Spaniard, born in Mexico daughter of Peruvians, Angélica has lived on four continents and considers herself a cultural mix.

Her work reflects on the formation and loss of identity through daily rituals that often go unnoticed. Her choice of subjects is strongly influenced by her experiences as a woman, mother, and feminist nomad. The result is landscapes that invite us to reflect and portraits that invite us to spend time in the other persons shoes.

Trained as a psychologist, Angélica  has worked as an advisor on gender issues in humanitarian contexts for the last 20 years for the United Nations, NGOs and governments.

She began studying photography in 1990 at the Center for Visual Arts (CEV) in Madrid. She has conducted workshops with Chien-Chi Chang (Magnum), Ron Haviv (VII), Allison Morley (ICP) and Tito Herrera (STUDIO on Getty Images). She was fortunate to be mentored by the late Tim Hetherington (Magnum). She has currently been selected to be part of the Master in Photography at PHotoEspaña (Spain).
She held her first individual exhibition in 1993 and has participated in different exhibitions and festivals in Europe, Latin America, Asia and the United States, including the International Center of Photography (NY), Estampa (Spain), the Photographers Gallery (London) and at the Metropolitan Pavillion Affordable Art Fair in NY. She has received honorable mentions and awards such as the Tokyo International Photogaphy Awards (TIFA 2023 Japan) and the Black and White Spider Awards (USA 2022). Her works are part of private collections and cultural centers such as the ICP (NY), the French Alliance of Panama and Quito.
She is represented by the Isolina Arbulu Gallery (Marbella, Spain), currently resides in Ecuador and is also the mother of two teenagers.

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