With her photography she seeks to capture the essence of the mundane, to make the ordinary seem unique and the unique seem familiar. Her strength is capturing people and places, making the everyday seem beautiful and exotic.


A Spaniard, born in Mexico daughter of Peruvians, Angélica has lived on four continents and considers herself a cultural mix.


Angélica is a clinical psychologist with a Master's degree in International Relations from John Hopkins University. For the past 20 years she has worked in the humanitarian development sector. After a brief stint in the private sector as a strategy analyst and six years at the UN, she works as an independent consultant on humanitarian and development programmes, with a focus on gender and vulnerable populations. Her clients include UN agencies, governments and foundations.

Photography has been her passion from an early age. He began studying photography in 1990 in Madrid. Although primarily self-taught, he has taken workshops with Chien-Chi Chang, Magnum, Ron Haviv and Tito Herrera. And he was fortunate enough to be mentored by the late Tim Hetherington (Magnum), winner of the World Press Photo award.