Isolina Arbulu gallery presents the recent work of artist Ana Sánchez, a work based on the phenomenon of communication. Deconstructing books and advertising posters, the artist creates two- and three-dimensional works. Sanchez does not seek narrative, there is no story, her work focuses on the rhythm, movement and feeling that is born from her hands transforming into form.

A work in constant duality between the intimate and the expansive, the solitude of reading versus the colourful advertising posters that deafen with messages empty of content. The scream and the murmur coexist simultaneously in Ana Sanchez's work, where the artist is capable of constructing works of different materials in the same creative act.

And so the telephone directories, words without meaning or content that arise from the sacrifice of trees, are reborn converted into new entities in the form of fossilised paper trunks, because this is inevitably what happens to the unread and unused word; it becomes a relic of a forgotten past, an inert fossil that hides the secrets of the life that was. Encyclopaedias that agglutinated wisdom are transformed into heavy objects laden with knowledge that hide treasures no longer recoverable, words that want to be poems where only the form is relevant.

The exhibition can be visited from 26 November and is presented in three parts; the first are works from the series “En relieve" where recycled paper from advertising posters creates new and whimsical forms. The works from the series "Aglutinados" are also based on reused advertising posters, but on this occasion the paper is agglutinated and compacted to create solid forms where colour becomes the main protagonist. The third part is formed by the "Libraries" series, an intimate universe in which the hidden and camouflaged word shows us hidden shapes and messages. And so, these three versions of the artist coexist in the same way as they do in her creative world, nourishing each other.

Ana Sanchez's work has been present at prestigious international fairs such as Art Basel, Arco, Estampa or Art Lisboa and her work has been awarded numerous prizes.

Installation Views